In this weeks Big Issue, guest edited by Owen Jones, Paloma Faith tells us why she thinks people shoul 'vote for the greater good.'

Paloma commented: 'When you vote, don’t just vote for yourself, vote for what benefits the greater good of the people. Because that’s the problem, the people who vote selfishly.'

She continued 'They’re voting to protect their money, those powerful people, they’re not voting to protect the world or the country. When I vote, I will be voting to protect what I think is the best vote to protect, not just me but my neighbours, my mum, the future of my family, my unborn children, the old people, my grandmother, everyone – and the women that I always love talking to at the corner shop, or the woman who runs the market stall that’s my favourite market stall on Portobello Road, called Josie’s, a living legend. I’m voting to keep her in good health and to make sure that everyone is looked after, not just me.'