Chris Martin has apparently gifted Gwyneth Paltrow with hand written song lyrics in the wake of their divorce.

The pair, who famously uncoupled in March 2014, finalised their divorce earlier this week. It comes amid rumours that they were set to reunite, as the pair have remained close since their split.

However now things are official, sources say things still won't change much.

"They will share joint custody of the children and have agreed that they'll always spend Christmas, birthdays and significant holidays as a family. Chris has even given Gwyneth parting gifts including handwritten lyrics of Coldplay songs that are about her. He knows they will be worth a lot of money in the future and he wants her and the children to have them," a source told British magazine Grazia.

Chris and Gwyneth are parents to daughter Apple, ten, and son Moses, nine. They've holidayed together as a family numerous times since they parted ways, and it's even thought that a recent trip to Mexico was where divorce proceedings started.

"Gwyneth and Chris have been regularly speaking on the phone to ensure it all goes through with ease. They've even joked about having a divorce celebration with friends and family once it's complete," the insider said.

It's also been alleged that the A-list pair have waived the right for the non-custodial parent in a divorce to pay a portion of their income as child support.

"They have maintained such closeness that neither of them wants to put up any kind of fight over anything," said the source.