“The comedy styling’s of Madonna” was how Jimmy Fallon introduced Madonna for her first ever stand-up comedy routine.

“I’m kind of a closet comedian. I always do extravagances. They cost a billion dollars to make. They get carted around in nine planes. Nobody makes any money. Sometimes I dream about simplicity,” Madonna told Fallon before he invited to become a comedian for the first time.

Madonna then made her comedy debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon talking about what she knows … and that is basically young men. “From Bay City, Michigan, please welcome the very funny Madonna,” Fallon announced.

And it began! “Anyways, I just always think that its good to talk about what you know, so I’m going to start with dating younger men”, Madonna opened with.

The skit involved asking her 14 year old son if he had any friends she could meet, dating a 25 year old, dating a 28 year old and art. Watch the result here:

Madonna also performed a version of her hit song ‘Holiday’ with The Roots only using classroom instruments.

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