Nile Rodgers thinks Madonna is extraordinary.

The pair worked together on Madonna's 1984 Like a Virgin album, with Nile producing the worldwide number one album.

He's eager to get back in the studio with the Queen of Pop, but says he'd have to reflect her new sound.

"I'd love to work with Madonna again. It would be nothing like [what] we did the first time around, it would be much more non-fiction [how Nile describes his sound]. It would be like what I did with David Bowie on Let's Dance," Nile told British magazine Q.

"I think at this point in her life she needs to do a record that's reflective of her entire universe. When you think about her career it's monumental! To me, that woman is extraordinary and that's the record I want to make."

As well as having hits with his band Chic, the 62-year-old regularly collaborates with fellow musicians. From vintage Madonna and Bowie, to Daft Punk's Get Lucky, Nile has worked with the very best in music.

He even jammed with Jimi Hendrix in his younger years, but can't remember a lot as he was tripping on acid at the time.

"Not much!" he laughed when asked what he could recall of the session. "I do remember him going at the end of the jam, 'Er, did anyone record that, man?' Of course no one had because we [early band New World Rising] were just there to jam. No one knew Hendrix was going to come in. I was just a teenager, but we were not intimidated one f**king iota - we could play our asses off!

"You have to put it in context. We saw Jimi a lot. Great guitarists were commonplace because we lived in the part of [New York's] Greenwich Village where everybody congregated."