Keith Richards will release a third solo album and his first in 23 years in September.

Richards confirmed to Rolling Stone USA that the album was complete and will be out later this year. “I think that’s coming out in September,” he said. “Just done, yeah. We’re looking for the right time slot to bring it out. The Stones have been working so much lately that I’ve been holding off until we could find a reasonable time. I think it’s September, but I don’t know for sure.

Richards also confirmed players on the record, “Steve Jordan and me,” he said. “We’re joined here and there by Waddy Wachtel and Bernard Fowler. Steve and I put it together”.

Jordan and Watchel also played in Richards’ first solo record ‘Talk Is Cheap’ in 1988 and Jordan, Watchel and Fowler were on the second album “Main Offender’ in 1992.

Wachtel and Jordan also toured with Richards and played on his 1991 live album.

Richards’ solo albums went relatively unnoticed in their day. ‘Talk is Cheap’ peaked at no 24 in the USA and no 37 in the UK, ‘Talk Is Cheap’ peaked at no. 99 in the USA and no. 45 in the UK.