Black Sabbath will not be saying goodbye to Japan, at least not in the way originally planned.

Three weeks ago, a promo was posted for OzzFest Japan with Sharon Osbourne, saying it would be Black Sabbath’s “farewell appearance.” While some thought that would be their final show, we thought it most likely meant their final appearance in Japan.

Now, it’s not going to be either. Black Sabbath has been removed from the OzzFest bill and replaced by Ozzy Osbourne and “friends.” The announcement was made late Friday night on Facebook:

“Despite previous reports, Black Sabbath will not appear on this year’s Ozzfest Japan, the show will instead feature the festival’s namesake, Ozzy Osbourne (and friends)”.

This leaves us wondering if Black Sabbath ever truly were scheduled for OzzFest or was an assumption or mistake made. According to Billboard, the OzzFest site still has Sabbath on the schedule but this is surely more than just a promoter mistake.

With Sharon Osbourne doing the original promo, it appears there has been some serious miscommunication in the Black Sabbath camp.

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