Lil Wayne is reportedly selling his mansion because of pranksters.

The 32-year-old Mrs. Officer rapper put his over 15,000 sq ft Miami Beach estate up for sale this week with an asking price of $18 million.

And according to TMZ, Lil Wayne simply had enough with the lavish home, as there were too many strangers turning up at his doorstep.

“We're told Wayne feels like his mansion has become a sort of mecca for obsessed fans, and he wants out,” the outlet writes.

Just weeks ago an entire SWAT team of police showed up responding to a prank call, in which the prankster alleged four people were shot in the mansion. Of course, the shooting allegations were a complete hoax and absolutely nothing nefarious took place the day police were called. This incident has been written off as an instance of “swatting”.

Days after the SWAT team nightmare, a prostitute made an unwelcome appearance, alleging an order was placed for her from the property.

Around the same period of time, cops were asked to stop by the residence to check out a strange person who was lurking outside.

It’s claimed Wayne and his associates believe one man is behind all this madness.

“Turns out there have been numerous other incidents, and Wayne's people believe the culprit is one guy,” TMZ previously reported. “He's been incessantly calling Wayne's house and hanging up. The good news ... they have his phone number and gave it to cops.”

Lil Wayne’s estate includes nine bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a rooftop skatepark and a three-bed guest house with a glass elevator.