Rihanna's band has "suffered the most" when it comes to her pranks.

The 27-year-old singer has spoken about her love of practical jokes in honour of April Fool's Day, which was celebrated on April 1. The star loves nothing better than playing tricks on people, with those who perform with her usually becoming the victims.

"I love playing pranks on people, I love it. Whoever - my band, they've suffered the most. Because on the road you get a little bored and you get into some mischief, especially on the last shows [because] we usually prank, we do different things," she told US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.

The star then chatted about one of her best pranks, which took place earlier this year. She is proud of what she got up to, even though her band probably thought she'd gone a step too far.

"They either prank me or I prank them or both. This year we had to perform outside and it was freezing cold and I poured like the dirtiest mixture of like milk and pineapple juice, eggs, whatever I could think of - bubblegum on the bottom of your shoes, I lined the crotch of their pants with gum. I mean... I put raw fish in their suitcases," she laughed.

Rihanna showed her ability to pull off a practical joke on the show when she pranked Jimmy. He is renowned for joking around, so she decided to go to his house in the dead of night.

The star rocked up in full gothic attire, comprising of a spiked choker, full black outfit and huge platform boots. She crept into Jimmy's bedroom at around 1am as he slept, then began a rip-roaring rendition of her latest track B***h Better Have My Money. As she sang, she showered Jimmy with money and shone lights in his eyes, with the talk show host left wondering "what the f**k is going on" by the end of it.

"And then all night, the rest of the night, I was hearing, 'B***h Better Have My Money,'" Jimmy laughed.