Nile Rodgers is the "biggest Miley Cyrus fan on the planet".

The 62-year-old musician found fame in disco group Chic - who recently unveiled their new single, I'll Be There - but has plenty of other strings to his bow.

He's collaborated with a whole host of big names throughout his career, penning tracks for the likes of Diana Ross and producing music for David Bowie and Daft Punk among others. There's one artist he'd really like to team up with as of late though.

"I've also become the biggest Miley Cyrus fan on the planet. I've watched her sing live twice, my jaw dropped!" he gushed to Q magazine. "Have I ever thought about working with a contemporary rock band? The Strokes are awesome and I like Arctic Monkeys a lot too. I'd most like to do the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I've always dug them for some reason."

Madonna is another star Nile has worked with after lending his expertise to her album Like A Virgin. He'd welcome the chance to collaborate with her again, though he thinks it would be nothing like it was the first time round.

Such a busy schedule means constant travelling for Nile, who admits he previously used to fear flying.

"The fact I'm so comfortable on a plane," he replied when asked what freaks him out. "I used to be so terrified they used to separate me from the other passengers. Now I can't wait to get on a plane because it's the only place I can sleep instantly."

Nile also shared who he thinks is the funkiest man alive, naming pop sensation Prince after having a "ridiculous" guitar duo with him recently.