Adam Lambert covers the new issue of Attitude magazine, as the countdown continues to his highly-anticipated new single 'Ghost Town', which he previewed online last week.

Upon doing so, the track title trended on Twitter and topped Billboard's Trending 140 chart.

In the accompanying interview, Adam talks about 'Ghost Town', working with executive producers Max Martin and Shellback and how he ended up being Google's most searched term after 12 million viewers watched him see in 2015 with Queen on BBC One.

On choosing 'Ghost Town' as the lead single from 'The Original High': "Pretty immediately after we finished it. It was a bit like, ‘Well, this is the one.’ There are four or five
other really obvious singles, but when we finished that one it felt special. It felt like it had to be the one."

Describing 'Ghost Town: "Oh it’s really dark. For someone who listens to lyrics, it’s dark. I’ve done a lot of camp in the past and worn ‘out there’ clothing – feathers and glitter – and I’ve had a great time doing it. I kind of grew up thinking that every day was Halloween, but as I’ve gotten older, in the last five years, I’ve become a little bit past that.

On Max Martin and Shellback executive producing ;The Original High' after hearing the title track:"They were really excited and they said they wanted to do the whole album with me, which was music to my ears because I just love all their work, with Katy Perry, Britney, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, you know, early *N-Sync, Pink, who I love, love, love. You know Pink wrote Whataya Want From Me. And Shellback actually did the second single that did really well from that album which was If I Had You. The two of them are kind of my champions in that it’s a formula that worked. They’re pretty much the top-of-the-line team.

On working with Max Martin and Shellback: "Max almost has this psychic ability to understand how the ear hears music… How a lot of different ears hear music. It’s very much a ‘less is more’ approach. It’s simple in a way, even though there are a lot of complicated things going on; they’re very subtle complicated."

On being the most Googled term after seeing in the new year with Queen: "It was after the New Year show, the next day as I was walking home – with shades on, because it was quite a night – I got stopped on the street like five times. I had a baseball cap on as well, so I was like, ‘Dayumm, alright, that show did its job!’ [laughs] Being with Queen, on television for a British audience, bringing the New Year in with fireworks, it was just such an honour. I was just this American kid before, so I felt like an adopted child that day."

Expect to hear Adam Lambert's brand new single 'Ghost Town' in full on April 21st, followed by the album 'The Original High' in the spring.