Louis Tomlinson’s family are reportedly very supportive of him as he copes with his breakup.

A representative for the 23-year-old One Direction singer recently confirmed he split from his girlfriend of four years, Eleanor Calder, weeks ago.

The boy band is currently performing concerts as part of their On the Road Tour and fortunately for Louis, his sister Lottie is travelling with him, lending her support as he recovers from the parting.

“Lottie has always been close to Louis, so it’s great for him to have her there while on the road,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“It’s been a tough time for him, and Lottie – who was also close to Eleanor – understands him better than anyone.”

Lottie joined her older brother on the road initially to get some experience as an intern.

“She’s an aspiring make-up artist, so she’s also been getting great experience on the tour with the band’s hairdresser, Lou Teasdale,” the insider detailed.

Eleanor, 22, was first introduced to Louis by his bandmate Harry Styles in 2011.

Apparently she tried everything to salvage their relationship before they decided to part ways, even travelling more than 20,000 miles to be by his side.

“Cracks were showing for a while. It’s incredibly tough with the boys being on the road so much,” a source told The Mirror previously.

“But even after Eleanor flew out to visit Louis, they couldn’t work through their differences.

“Weeks later, when they were on opposite sides of the world again, they called it a day.”

But it seems Louis is moving on rapidly, as pictures were released over the weekend which show the heartthrob making out with a curly-haired woman while taking a dip in the pool at a party in Bangkok, Thailand.