Black Sabbath has announced their appearance at Ozzfest Japan with Sharon Osbourne calling the appearance their "farewell", but what does that really mean.

Media is jumping on the story around the world and interpreting it as Black Sabbath's final concert but that conclusion might be premature. The news comes from this video with Ozzy's wife and the band's manager, Sharon Osbourne, calling this their "farewell"

The big question is "farewell" to what? If this were their final show anywhere, wouldn't news of this magnitude be important enough to be put on the band's Facebook and official site? Wouldn't you think that Sharon would seem a bit more animated about such a major announcement?

In addition, the band has said that they plan one final album and tour but, with no schedule for that new LP, how could they be putting together a final tour to support the set?

It appears that the real story is that this is Black Sabbath's farewell to Japan but, without the full itinerary of their tour released, their is no real word on when their true "final" performance will be scheduled.