Mary J. Blige was “nervous about everything” when it came to her upcoming documentary.

The 44-year-old singer allowed camera’s into her recording studio while making her latest album, The London Sessions. While the record was released last year, Mary is now gearing up for the behind-the-scenes footage to have its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. But the star admits she had a lot of reservations about revealing her studio secrets.

“I was nervous about everything but I knew I had to let the cameras in to get all this to let me fans understand why I did it,” she told People. “Why I went overseas, why cameras are following me around, why I did the album The London Sessions, why I was living there for a month, I needed them to understand the whole thing. Normally I wouldn’t and [I’d] be like ‘get those cameras out of here’ but I needed my fans and people, period, to see what I did.”

The No More Drama singer worked with an array of young British acts including Sam Smith, Disclosure and Emeli Sandé. Mary was thrilled to work with such artists and enjoyed her time in the London capital immensely.

“I loved it, I would do it again, I lived there for a month, embraced the culture, ate fish and chips every day, like literally almost every day, sometimes Wagamamas, but it was great,” she smiled.

Ahead of the documentaries release, Mary is promoting her latest single, Doubt. The star feels the track and video represents a lot about her private life.

“I’m in a theatre where I’d be performing in front of a bunch of people and be performing by myself, and kind of reminding myself of the great things I’ve done in my life and so I would stop doubting myself in a lot of areas,” she confessed. “And that’s really what the video is about, it’s really a personal, personal, video, the album is personal, personal, personal.”