After an explosive performance at SXSW Frank Turner told that last year SXSW nearly killed him.

Kicking off this year's performances at Cedar Srtreet Courtyard in front of a full house Frank Turner revealed "last year SXSW nearly killed me. I was very ill and we had a million shows every day and we had to go to Denver and back, it was good but there was a moment when it was like... help me I'm dying and now I'm doing it all again."

"I got in last night at about 10pm and realised my friend's Kurt's bar was next door to the place we were staying so thought it was rude not to go round for one drink and say hello. Then got smashed up to 4am and was doing rounds of Jagerbombs and whiskey and was basically absolutely off my nut, wasted and I've been disasterously hung over all day. And I now kind of feel fine because I've sweated it all out. A show is very good for getting rid of a hangover. I've sweated out the eveil. I left a lot of evil on that stage."

On his love for America he commented, "America has been good to me, I'm deeply in love with this country. I had some armchair anti-Amarican attitudes before coming to this country when I was younger before I'd ever really been here. But when I started touring this country properly, and I mean more than just New York and LA, it's the greatest country in the world, I f**king love it here. The people here are just so polite, friendly warm and lovely. Love it! Well done America!"

Talking about the recording of the new album Frank revealed the stresses and strains of the process.
"I've had a bit of a struggle recording the album. The record was recorded in 9 days, cut it live basically, I play electric guitar on quite a lot of the new album. But it took me a long time to kind of find the right way to approach the song, I went through a couple of producers, things kept getting delayed, pushed back and moved around, and there were some pretty stressful times in the second half of last year with all that but it was worth it because I was chasing something the key to it was Butch Walker, he produced the record, finally got him, I kind of wish I'd met him 10 years ago because he's the perfect producer for me and a lovely man. He's a total star, and the record came out exactly as I wanted it to. So I'm very pleased with that. "

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