Harry Styles reportedly feels like he's been "punched in the stomach" after being dumped by his girlfriend.

The One Direction lothario had been dating Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold for several months, and she was even involved in arranging his 21st birthday celebrations last month.

Harry and his bandmates have been touring Australia and Japan recently and Nadine's also been busy with her career, so has apparently decided they don't see enough of each other.

"She still wants to be friends, but Nadine is really career-focused and she's told Harry she's simply too busy to date him. Harry is gutted. He's never been dumped before, so it's a real punch in the stomach for him," a source told British magazine Heat. "Even though they can't spend too much time together, Harry was speaking to her a lot, and making plans to fly her over to spend summer with him. Harry wants to be more than just friends, so he feels a bit sad right now."

Nadine's job takes her all over the world and it was previously suggested that her independent nature was one of the things Harry liked best about her.

With the singer in the midst of his group's On the Road Again Tour, which doesn't rap until October, Nadine reportedly realised they had no time to focus on their relationship.

"Nadine basically looked at her schedule for the next six months and realised she barely had any time to spend with Harry - unless she ditched all her career plans," the insider said. "So she's decided to end it now, before anyone gets too deeply involved. Harry knows it makes sense, but he'd love to change her mind. He's been in contact with her constantly, asking her to give it another shot. He won't give up."

Last month it was reported that the former couple got matching tattoos while in Los Angeles to seal their romance, and there were even suggestions they were planning to set up home together.