On this week's Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Carly Rae Jepsen joins to talk about her new single "I Really Like You", her video shoot with Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks, writing with Tegan and Sara and more.

On new single “I Really Like You”:
"It was a collaboration between Peter Svensson, who I don’t know if you know is from the Cardigans. He was responsible for “Lovefool,” which is my favorite song from the 90’s … The original little hook for the idea was something Peter I think had kept for a while, and once we heard it we were like, 'We gotta make it still, it's gotta be a little older somehow. We've gotta be a little seductive in the verses, we've gotta make it 80’s.' We were just trying to make it all work together -- it was a fun project, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.”

On writing with Tegan and Sara:
"I've been a fan of them from when they had like the little boy crop blonde haircuts -- I mean being Canadian I've followed their career from the beginning, I know all of their songs and stuff. This business of art I think was their first debut album? I don't know if you guys are familiar…I go way back with Tegan and Sara. … It was one day of being really timid writing with them -- I'd have an idea and be like "I-I don't know if you think like…maybe we could…this might be a stupid idea…" I'd finally get my idea out and they'd be like, "No, Carly, that's a good idea." By day two I was finally like, "Ok, here's what I think!" You kind of lose all egos and just get in there and write.”

On dancing with Justin Bieber and Tom Hanks:
​"​I think me and Tom Hanks aren't dancing -- we're awkwardly like, hopefully, moving in time. But we had fun with it. I can't say enough good things about [Tom], and my favorite moment with him in the day was when he was like "So we're not gonna really dance, right? We're just going to pretend." I was like, "I'm with you buddy, that's exactly what we'll do.”