On 25/02/15, Thom Yorke of Radiohead & 3D of Massive Attack will release the sound score they jointly composed for the documentary “UK Gold” which focuses on the systemtic nature of/government complicity in corporate tax avoidance, and the vast cost both to Britain & the Global South.

The release marks the UK broadcast & HD live-stream of the film on 25th February, and has been deliberately presented with non-violent, direct action movement “UK Uncut” that has organised grass-roots actions against tax-avoiding transnationals and government austerity, and forced this issue onto the political agenda.

The 12 track score will be availiable to stream, free of charge, via the UK Uncut website here.

The score also features contributons on several tracks from Jonny Greenwood, also of Radiohead.

The documentary - narrated by The Wire actor Dominic West and featuring Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow & Vanity Fair journalist Nicholas Shaxson - will be aired and made availiable NATIONALLY for simultaneous HD live-stream by London Live at 8pm on 25/02. When the programme finishes, UK Uncut will announce a national public call-out focused on the General Election in May.

“UK GOLD” Director Mark Donne: “For some years, the mass media has revelled in a convenient Sheriff and Bandit narrative of corporate tax avoidance, totally overlooking the fact that our government runs the biggest tax haven network in the world directly from the Foreign Office; the City of London is the de facto headquarters of that network and the very biggest tax dodging companies, literally, are invited to write the tax laws that apply to them.

It's absurd, patronising, and as the film reveals, it makes a mockery of our democratic processes. I hope cultural interventions like this can help to change the terms of debate, & critically, force government to actually do something about the scandal of tax dodging by transnationals and & the super-rich.”