Dolly Parton heals fast after heartbreak.

The famous singer has been an icon in the music industry since the late 60s, breaking the charts with tracks such as 9 to 5 and Jolene. She has had many male admirers over the years but has been married to her husband Carl Thomas Dean since before she entered the limelight, with the couple celebrating their 45th anniversary in 2011.

Asked how she would get over a broken heart, Dolly shared her advice to lovers in peril.

"The way everybody else does. You have to let time heal all wounds. I’m one of those people - I wound easy, but I heal fast. I always thought that a broken heart is like a broken bone. I wrote about that in a song. It’s like a broken heart is like a broken wing, it must have its time to mend," she explained to "It's like any other injury. Usually a terrible, terrible heart ache takes about a year to really heal, but some of us can heal a little faster. You just gotta look at it like an injury and just try to think positive, try to live above it, try to live beyond it. But you gotta wallow in that sorrow while it lasts - You can’t out run it, you got to roll with the sorrow too."

Dolly is known for oozing positive energy and always has crowds on their feet at concerts. She rarely takes time to rest, embarking on numerous tours and releasing new music, but doesn't let her hectic schedule bring her down.

"I have a good attitude. I love my work. I think it’s important that people be busy, stay busy, try to be creative and I don’t think the years matter so much if you really make yourself busy," she smiled. "Of course you see yourself getting older, you notice little things as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop. You just need to take care of those things as they come along. But keep a good attitude above everything else."