Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly “loves” that his son Patrick is dating Miley Cyrus.

The Terminator actor was seen spending time with his 21-year-old son and Miley, 22, at brunch on December 28.

And sources close to the 67-year-old says the actor is thoroughly enjoying the attention Patrick’s new relationship is bringing to the family.

“Arnold loves that Patrick is dating Miley,” the source told “He’s been showing her off around Ketchum to all his friends. Arnold loves being in the spotlight and is really enjoying all the attention Patrick’s relationship with Miley is getting. He’s proud of Patrick for dating such a sought after girl like Miley. He compares it to dating Madonna at the peak of her fame.”

However, Arnold’s attitude towards Miley is said to be causing issues with Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver.

It was previously reported that Maria is less than happy about Patrick’s romance with Miley, and is finding it difficult to understand why her ex-husband has such differing views on the dalliance.

“Miley and Patrick’s relationship is creating a lot of tension in his family,” the source added. “Unfortunately, Arnold’s acceptance of Miley has only put more tension between him and Maria who disapproves of the relationship. Arnold told her to relax and let the boy be a boy, which didn’t go over well with Maria at all. She hates the whole circus that surrounds Miley and it upsets her the Arnold is okay with it.”

Despite the controversy surrounding their relationship, Miley and Patrick certainly appear happier than ever, and looked incredibly loved-up as they enjoyed their meal at a separate table from Arnold.