Jamie Foxx has crazy Snoop Dogg Christmas stories.

The Oscar-winning star is one of the leading actors in the industry and has many close showbiz friends.

One of these is rapper Snoop, who once turned up unannounced and recorded a song with him.

"I have crazy stories of Snoop and Christmas. One Christmas, literally December 24, and my phone [rang]. I said 'Hello?' 'Hey, what's up nephew? It's Snoop D O double baby,'" Jamie laughed to BBC Radio 1.

"I opened the door, he gets out of his Porsche with two bottles of Moët, a blue Santa Claus hat and some orange juice and said, 'What we doing?' and I said, 'Cool!' And with the Moët and the orange juice, and I remember we were in my studio, we do a song, and then it's Christmas, he leaves and it was a crazy Christmas. And I go back into my studio and I play the song and I'm like, 'Oh! This is dope.' I send it to him and he puts it on his album."

Jamie was joined by his Annie co-star Cameron Diaz, and the pair chatted about their new flick.

The musical about an orphan is a retelling of the 1982 classic, and Jamie says it's all thanks to Jay Z that the project happened.

"And what's amazing is how it came about. Jay Z re-does Hard Knock Life [Annie song], so he made that hot. He took the song, and he made it hip-hop so everyone had a refreshing of the song. And then I guess, I don't know how many years people have been trying to get the rights to Annie, in walks Jay Z, in walks Will Smith, and there we go.

"And then Will Gluck takes over as the director and he's looking for his Annie and he finds Quvenzhané Wallis, who was the youngest nomination for an Oscar for Beasts of the Southern Wild and is now nominated for a Golden Globe for Annie. So I thought it was a perfect choice and it turns out to be the perfect choice because she not only brings the musical side, but it'd the heart and emotion side," Jamie smiled.