Miley Cyrus reportedly wants "a showdown" with Jennifer Lawrence.

Last year Miley split from her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who stars in The Hunger Games franchise with Jennifer. They have been promoting the latest instalment Mockingjay - Part 1 recently, leading to Jennifer speaking in glowing terms about her "good-looking" co-star. That is not said to have gone down well with Miley, who plans to talk to the Oscar-winning actress at a Christmas party.

"Miley wants a showdown. She's told everyone she's planning to confront Jen at [Australian TV presenter] Paul Khoury's party in a few weeks - he's Liam's best friend and he stayed friends with Miley after the split," an insider told British magazine Heat.

"Paul knows Jen through Liam, so all of them are invited. Jen has no idea what's coming. She hates confrontation, but it would be a chance to settle the score. Liam would be furious and, if he finds out, he may try to stop Miley going."

It's previously been claimed that Miley never liked Liam's close friendship with Jennifer. She is even said to have visited one of their film sets when she and Liam were still an item to keep an eye on things.

And now rumours have begun swirling that Jennifer and Liam could be more than just good friends, she is apparently fuming.
"Miley always suspected Jen is the real reason Liam wouldn't get back with her," the source said.

Jennifer and Liam are thought to have grown close during their recent round of promotional duties. Added to that is the fact they are both single, after Jennifer's short-lived romance with Coldplay's Chris Martin fizzled out. However, Jennifer has denied the gossip, insisting they are just friends.