Chris Rock thinks Kanye West’s “mystique” is magical.

The 49-year-old comedian is currently promoting his new film, Top Five, which he wrote and directed.

In honour of the forthcoming comedy, Chris ranked his ‘top fives’ for Entertainment Weekly, noting rapper Kanye is the number one hip-hop artist out there at the moment.

“Jay Z’s graduated to the all-time list at this point, but Kanye is the most interesting person in the history of rap—the most interesting artist, the most interesting sounds,” Chris explained to the publication. “There’s never been a rapper with a mystique, and he’s that guy. You wonder what he’s going to say. You wonder what he’s going to wear. You wonder who he’s dated. Rap’s never had that—a David Bowie- or Prince-type guy. He’s cornered the market on it.”

But Chris is convinced Kanye has competition.

The funnyman believes Pink Friday rapper Nicki Minaj also offers something unique to the music industry.

“The thing about Nicki is it’s not even about her and other female rappers—she’s better than most guys,” Chris said. “She’s just a great package. She’s got skills, she’s really beautiful, and she’s actually really funny too. If you want to just talk sh*t, about how bad you are, and who’s got a better Bentley, and how good you look, heyyy, nobody wants to follow her. She’s amazing.”

Chris’ film Top Five stars Adam Sandler, Rosario Dawson, Kevin Hart and Whoopi Goldberg. The movie centres on a comedian who is trying to make it as a serious actor, but his career goes belly up when his reality TV star wife convinces him to air their wedding on her show.

Top Five reaches US theatres on December 12.