Katy Perry has taken to Twitter to speak out about Sydney paparazzo Jamie Fawcett who harassed the singer on a Sydney beach on Saturday, referring to his “tiny penis” in a post.

Perry named and shamed Fawcett after he affronted her at Obelisk Beach in Mosman demanding she pose for a photo in a bikini and he would leave her alone. “I was stalked by many grown men today as I tried to take a quiet walk to the beach. These men would not stop as I pleased over & over to let me have my space,” she tweeted.

“They told me to make a “deal” with them. Give them a bathing suit shot and they would leave me be,” she added.

“This is PERVERTED & disgusting behaviour that should NEVER be tolerated, especially by people who do NOT want this.”

“Australian PRESS: you should be ashamed of you paparazzi & tabloid culture. Your paparazzi have no respect, no integrity, no character. NO HUMANITY”.

Katy then posted her own photos of “her stalkers”.

Katy singled out Fawcett referring to his “tiny penis & rather large guy” calling the paparazzo “a true sicko for taking pictures of us while being naked”.

In 2008, Fawcett was the subject of Australian Story. “As the self-styled ‘Prince of Paparazzi’, Jamie Fawcett has established a prominent profile in a tough and often controversial business,” the ABC sets up the show.

“Over the last three years he’s been embroiled in legal battles resulting from his pursuit of Ms Kidman.

“Tonight on Australian Story, Jamie Fawcett is facing his critics, and speaking openly for the first time since his latest courtroom drama.”

Fawcett is a former private investigator who is described in the ABC program as “slightly dodgy” by photographer Peter Carette. “We don’t need him in this town, we don’t want him in this town”, Carette said.

Carette said Fawcett is the “negative” in the industry. “He upsets a lot of celebrities by doing things that we wouldn’t do. He would do almost anything to any of the other photographers to stop them getting an exclusive. Certainly we have plenty examples of Jamie causing lots of trouble and he has been a negative to the paparazzi industry per se. He brought a lot of heat and spotlight onto the profession that wasn’t there before and there is no need for it.”

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