Let battle commence! On 10th November rock music legends Queen, Pink Floyd and Foo Fighters prepare for the ultimate rock battle with the release of their brand new albums in the biggest clash of rock titans in recent years.

With over HALF A BILLION RECORD SALES worldwide between them, and new albums set to surpass records, the top ten will be dominated by rock for the first time in many years – move over Directioners and Little Monsters! For four decades rock has conquered the charts and now is it’s time to rule again with an onslaught of legends showing the world how it’s done.

With the releases coming from the three biggest UK major record companies – Universal, Sony and Warners – these new albums will be three of the biggest selling records in the music industry’s most pivotal quarter of the year up to Xmas.

'Rock Week' is led by the biggest British band in history, Queen, who release ‘Queen Forever’, a compilation that brings Freddie Mercury back to life on three brand new previously unheard tracks based on recordings left in the Queen vault for over thirty years. To add yet more weight to Rock Week the Queen album also features a brand new recording by Michael Jackson who duets with Freddie on the A list radio song ‘There Must Be More To Life Than This.’ With an ITV Queen special and some major media moments coming before Xmas 2014 Queen continue to rock like never before.

Brian May of Queen says "The 5th of November, we have to remember, is Gunpowder Treason and Plot. But 10th of November is Queen, Floyd and Foos, an excellent day to Rock!"

Roger Taylor of Queen says "A fine day for good ole rock and roll"