Sex Pistols bassist, Glen Matlock features as a cameo in Ben Jagger and Alistair Audsley’s film ‘THE PADDY LINCOLN GANG’.

Set in Los Angeles to an amazing soundtrack of original songs produced by the legendary Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2), THE PADDY LINCOLN GANG has already achieved international critical acclaim. The film also stars Dean S. Jagger (The Travellers), Stephen W. Bridgewater (Forrest Gump, Twelve Monkeys, 21 Grams), and Amy Lawhorn (Gone).

The Paddy Lincoln Gang are a smoking hot fictional LA rock band on the verge of huge success. But their complex and troubled Irish lead singer, Rob McAlister (Dean S. Jagger) is haunted by his own paranoia and suspicions that something is not right with the band, his manager and his girlfriend.

After the band causes havoc at the home of their record label chairman, placing their whole future in jeopardy, Rob is forced to confront his demons. But if The Paddy Lincoln Gang implodes, the results will be more shocking than anyone could imagine.

This amazing film has achieved critical acclaim with official selections at film festivals all over the world, already winning ‘Best in Festival’ at SoCal as well as the coveted Platinum Award at the Oregon Film Awards.

‘Give Anger A Name’ is one of the awesome original tracks featured in this film and high tempo energy gives the perfect musical accompaniment to what is probably the most disturbing film of the 21st Century.

THE PADDY LINCOLN GANG will be available on demand and to download from August 25th.