James Arthur has responded to John Newman's comments at this weekend's V Festival - John Newman said James was a massive talent but was simply not ready for the music industry.

James Arthur responded saying, "When you know who you really are, you can definitely be more yourself. John Newman is right, I was unprepared for the music industry. I've made mistakes but I'm really not going to dwell on that anymore. I'm looking to give people new music whether they want it or not, and it will be the best music I'll ever create."

He continued to say, "I'm in a great place to make music and be an artist and public figure again. It's been the biggest fight of my life - I've come up against it with anxiety and depression but I'm come out of it and on the other side, and I'm good…I'm really really happy."

He went on to say, "I didn't know the magnitude of that disease until it really set in for me, and people who have it don't early know how to talk about it, or feel afraid to talk about it. And as soon as I did, it changed completely. I opened up to a few people and I'm now very happy with the person I am today. I think people expect me to be really controversial and that guy that was on Twitter when I was being early negative. I'm not that person anymore….I don't think I'd be very entertaining."