Paris Hilton's message to all her haters is "my DJ skills attract Ibiza's top party crowd".

The hotel heiress made a name for herself starring alongside Nicole Richie in reality TV show The Simple Life, but has gone on to numerous business ventures since.

She's been working as a DJ in Ibiza since last year, and was snapped up to be a regular fixture for the 2014 season on the White Isle.

“For all the haters out there who say I’m just pressing play, no I’m not.

“The best party atmosphere comes from inviting the best people from around the island. I play the best tracks that bring out the most fun in people," Paris told British newspaper Daily Star.

Paris labels Ibiza "the best place in the world" and her Foam & Diamonds night attracts thousands of party goers.

After she's finished on the decks, Paris then turns her event into a foam party where revellers get soaked in foam as they dance the night away.

“I’ve seen everything from the DJ booth. I get so many girls lift their tops up and guys take their pants down. People get crazy," she laughed.

The laidback nature of the Spanish island suits the blonde star, and she particularly likes hanging out with tourists form the UK.

"British clubbers have a wild time. Brits come to Ibiza and forget about their worries and just have a good time.

“There’s no pretentiousness and no judging anyone. I like that. I love people who are full of life and have fun," she enthused.

Being hidden in the DJ booth doesn't mean the 33-year-old let's her glamorous image slide.

Working in a male dominated career means Paris tries even harder with her style choices.

“They have to be sparkly, sexy and fun. A lot of DJs don’t dress up mainly because a lot of them are guys. It’s nice to see a DJ being a bit girly as well. The girls love it, the boys love it," she said.