Kelly Rowland is craving “anything between two pieces of bread” during her pregnancy.

The former Destiny’s Child singer is expecting her first child with husband Tim Witherspoon and admits her diet has gone out the window.

And there is one thing the fitness junkie is craving more than anything – bread!

Asked by America’s OK! Magazine what she has been eating the most of while expecting, Kelly replied: “Anything between two pieces of bread is just fine with me.”

Kelly also revealed she has been doing her best to stick to natural beauty products during her pregnancy.

One product Kelly has been favouring more than others is stretch mark cream.

“I’m really using a lot of natural products right now, like shea butter and cocoa butter,” she added. “Stuff that smells good and is good for stretch marks.”

Kelly added that Tim is also splashing out on gifts for their unborn son, explaining: “My husband is buying the baby every new sneaker on the block right now!”

Since falling pregnant, Kelly has been focusing on comfort over style, and opts for loose fitting ensembles rather than her former sexy looks.

“I just want to be comfortable. I do,” she said. “I want to be comfortable, but of course, still fabulous.”

Kelly was being interviewed as part of the #AmpYourFab Selfie Contest with Caress skincare products.

And the stunning singer certainly has a few tips for achieving the perfect selfie.

“Always pull the camera a little bit above your face,” Kelly said. “You don’t want to take the selfie from up under your chin. It’s not a good angle. Lighting is key.

“I look for natural light. The right angle - and you have to know your face. Selfies actually teach you a lot about your face.”