Devo is planning to release a live CD and DVD from their current tour where they are playing music from early in their career.

The Hardcore Devo Tour concentrates on the band’s music written and recorded between 1974 and 1977 before they signed to a major label and became popular. Per Gerald Casale “In order to honor our fallen comrade, Bob “Bob 2” Casale we decided to follow through on his idea to resurrect the initial creative efforts that brought us all together as a band in time where we came of age and prevailed against all odds.”

The June 28th show at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA was filmed by Keirda Bahruth for the release which will be made available on CD, Vinyl, DVD, Blu-Ray and Download.

To raise money for the release, the band is using PledgeMusic. Those who buy one of the versions via the site will receive exclusive access to the making of process for the release including behind-the-scenes photos, videos, tour artifacts and more.

Benji Rogers of PledgeMusic said “We can’t believe that we are working with DEVO on this amazing campaign! This project is truly about the music and the hardcore fans. By going beyond just the radio favorites this makes the whole thing an incredible journey for those super fans who have been following the group since their early days.”

Casale added “I’m not noted for being optimistic but the Hardcore DEVO Live horn ‘o’ plenty (DVD, Blu-Ray, CD, Vinyl LP) has me genuinely high hopin’ as we mix and edit a truly DEVOlved show. One for the ages!”

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