Orlando Bloom supposedly threw a punch at Justin Bieber.

The superstars were seen at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza early Wednesday morning and TMZ reports they got into a physical altercation with each other.

The outlet published a video which seems to have been recorded from a mobile phone, showing men who appear to be Orlando, 37, and Justin, 20, angrily shouting at one another. Although this was not captured in the video clip, apparently Orlando threw a punch at the Baby crooner.

Bodyguards, handlers and restaurant staff were breaking up the shoving match as diners at the busy eatery clamoured in the background.

According to the website, Justin may have shouted, “What’s up b***h?” to Orlando nearly halfway through the 30-second clip.

A purported eyewitness tells TMZ several celebrities were present during the scuffle, including Diddy, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

And when Justin “fled” the restaurant soon after his supposed blow-up with Orlando, the insider claims diners clapped their hands in thunderous applause.

Many suspect the feud was sparked by love triangles. Justin famously partied with Miranda Kerr in 2012 after a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in New York City. And just months ago in April, Justin’s ex Selena Gomez hung out with Orlando frequently, sparking romance rumours.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor has been single since the breakdown of his marriage to supermodel Miranda last year, and Selena's on/off relationship with Justin thought to be over for good as well.

Orlando and Miranda share three-year-old son, Flynn.