Lucy Hale used to write love letters to Zac Hanson and bury them in the woods.

The country singer-and-actress was quizzed by iHeart radio on the subject of first times. When asked about her first celebrity crush, the 25-year-old picked the youngest Hanson brother Zac, who is now 28.

"I was a huge Hanson fan. Well, it was him or Billy Gilman. He was a country singer. He was like the Justin Bieber of country music. He was, like, 11 or 12, but we'll go with Zac Hanson," she opened up to the radio station.

"I mean, I would write love letters and, like, hide them in the woods, like thinking that he would find them. I was really creepy, and I mean, I still kind of have a crush on Zac Hanson. I know he's married and has kids, but whatever."

However, Lucy's crushes weren't limited to popular singers. She also liked a boy at school called Matt, although she laments he never felt the same way.

"I thought I loved him. I saw pictures of him on Facebook the other day, and I think he's in the army now, or something. He's still beautiful," she reminisced.

The Pretty Little Liars star also dished on her first date, which was at Chinese restaurant P.F. Chang's. She ended up dating the guy for over three years, so they would always revisit the restaurant.

Lucy started her career with small parts in shows such as Drake and Josh and she can still remember how nervous she was about the role. She also recalled what she spent her first pay check on.

"I think it was at Forever 21. I think that was, like, up until I was about 18 years old, all my money went to Forever 21. Just clothes, yeah. Did not save a penny," she grinned.