Madonna reportedly dodged jury duty Monday because her presence was a “distraction”.

The 55-year-old pop star arrived to a Manhattan courthouse 30 minutes late, escorted in by two court officers, three police officers, two bodyguards and an assistant.

But the New York Daily News reports clerks took no issue with her tardiness.

"We had ample jurors today and had we needed her, she would have been sent out on a panel," New York State Unified Court System spokesman David Bookstaver told the outlet, adding, “We had sufficient jurors not to have created a further distraction for the courthouse. She got credit for her service and we're delighted she came.”

Madonna will not be required to serve on a New York jury for another four years.

Her departure Monday followed reports she received “red carpet treatment” while doing her civic duty.

The New York Post previously reported Madonna’s late arrival allowed her to avoid long wait times.

However, according to the outlet, it took the Material Girl a few minutes to get through security after her heavy necklaces set off metal detectors twice.

Once she was through, the pop star was apparently called in for a private meeting with a head clerk, rather than being forced to wait in the general assembly room.

Others serving were apparently upset by her star treatment.

“That’s pretty outrageous!” Marianne Pita, a 57-year-old professor, told the outlet after waiting in line to get in.

“It’s a painfully long day and it doesn’t seem quite right. Everyone should have to wait in the same line,” she said.

The Post reports Madonna had postponed her appearance twice prior - once after Memorial Day weekend when she handed in a doctor’s note, and again on June 30.

A spokesperson for the star had not commented at press time.