Hayley Williams was jerked out of her "boyband phase" when she first heard Bjork.

The Paramore singer has listed the music which has meant the most to her during her lifetime. Although she now fronts a rock band, pop was more her bag when she was growing up. However, hearing the Icelandic singer's track Human Behaviour changed everything for Hayley.

"The first time I heard this song really changed everything for me; I wanted to be able to sing everything - every single note - she could sing," Hayley told British Company magazine. "This song jolted me out of my boyband phase, and her voice still inspires me."

Another track which had a profound effect on the 25-year-old star was The Temptations' I Can't Get Next To You.

"I grew up in Meridian, Mississippi - and one of the original Temptations grew up in a town not too far from me. I always thought if he could get out then surely I could, too. Ever since I was a little girl, this has been my favourite song of theirs," she said.

The Cure have always been one of Hayley's favourite bands and she cites performing on the same bill as them at a UK music festival in 2012 as one of her career highlights.

On a more personal note, They Might Be Giants song Birdhouse In Your Soul will always have a special place in the star's heart as it's a track that means a lot to her and her boyfriend Chad Gilbert.

"We have a lot of songs! But on our first road trip back from me meeting his family in Kentucky, we were blasting They Might Be Giants... and I'm pretty sure we fell in love to this song," she said.