Nicki Minaj feels most fulfilled when she is making music.

The singer is currently promoting her new single Pills N Potions off her third album, The Pink Print. The record follows her 2012 album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded and Nicki is thrilled to be back doing what she loves best.

"Nothing gives me what music gives me, nothing makes me feel fulfilled and completed like music so I don't think I will ever take that much of a break away from music ever again to be completely honest," she told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw.

The 31-year-old recently took a break from her music to turn her hand to acting. She starred alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in The Other Woman, an experience that she found intimidating.

"I was more nervous than anything and very aware of the fact that I was the newbie actor on set. I was trying my best to not show it. But it was a bit nerve-wracking," she explained. "[But Cameron] is a dream come true. If I made a wish for the perfect person to act opposite it would be Cameron because her personality is amazing, she is so humble and down to earth, she's funny… she's crazy though."

Her new experiences helped Nicki approach her new album in a different way. As well as staying true to her emcee roots, she has tried to take her music up a notch.

"I've played it for a few people and they all say it's like you're in a quiet room somewhere with candles lit and kind of just like in a different zone," she said. "I think the album is really moody in a weird way, I mean you'll get some fun stuff but I think what I focused on this time was not defining anything, or defining any genres just doing what I love and definitely staying lyrical."