Haylie Duff has revealed her plans for an “easy and fun” wedding.

The actress became engaged to Matt Rosenberg on April Fools’ Day this year. And as well as promoting her food blog and new cooking show, the 29-year-old has finally been able to start the wedding planning.

“We want it to be something that everyone has a good time at, and if your feet hurt in your heels … take them off!” she told People Magazine. “We're going to keep it easy and fun."

The Napoleon Dynamite star doesn’t have to plan the nuptials alone though. Younger sister and fellow actress Hilary is doing all she can to help her sibling prepare for her big day.

“She's about to start her show, as well, in New York," Haylie added to the publication. "But yeah, she sends me ideas, and we've been going back and forth on some things. It's great. It's crazy!"

One thing Haylie has decided on is the location for the wedding, California, where she currently resides with her fiancé. But with so much happening in her working life, Haylie has to make use of her commute to figure out the other details.
“On my flight back from New York last night, I spent the whole six-hour flight looking at venues and looking at dresses," she said, "so it's starting now, which is very exciting."

The 7th Heaven actress revealed her delight at her engagement on her blog, The Real Girl's Kitchen.

“This week has seriously just become the best week of my life! As if announcing The Real Girl’s Kitchen tv show wasn’t enough, Matt just took me by total surprise and proposed…on April Fool’s Day of all days!” she wrote at the time. “The moment was genuine and sweet (like him!) and I couldn’t wait to say yes!"