Metallica fans have started a petition to have the band removed from Glastonbury because of James Hetfield’s involvement in a hunting show.

James Hetfield of Metallica was, at one time, a hunter and will be the host of the upcoming History Channel series The Hunt, about shooting brown bear in Kodiak, Alaska.

That isn’t sitting well with some people as a Facebook page has been started titled “Remove Metallica from Glastonbury Festival for their support of Bear Hunting”. So far, the page has gather over 14,000 likes with the number growing rapidly.

According to the page, “James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica is a supporter and promoter of big game hunting. He is currently fronting a History Channel show “The Hunt” about hunting Bears in Alaska. This dose not represent the values of environmentalism that have come to be so important at Glastonbury.”

A petition has also been put up at addressed to Glastonbury organizers Michael and Emily Eavis:
Remove Metallica from the festival line up. Due to James Hetfields vile obsession with Bear Hunting

Why is this important?

This is a cruel and abhorrent thing to do. Killing animals for food is one thing. But killing for so called sport is wrong.

You can write to Glastonbury festival here:
According to Yahoo Music, Hetfield stated in a 2009 interview that he no longer sees hunting as necessary adding that, during a trip to Siberia, “I saw a bear print and it looked pretty human [to me]. I saw something in that that didn’t make much sense to me.”

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