Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin apparently clashed over Kabbalah.

The Oscar-winning actress and the Coldplay frontman announced earlier this week that they had ended their ten-year marriage.

British newspaper The Sun claims the pair had been struggling to keep their relationship together since 2009, in part due to Gwyneth's following of the esoteric school of thought.

“Chris wasn’t happy about it. He felt that he was starting to lose the woman he fell in love with," a source told the publication.

The 41-year-old Iron Man star runs lifestyle website Goop and is known for being extremely health conscious and active.

It's thought her strict macrobiotic diet and aversion to technology in their home was another reason the couple - who have children Moses and Apple together - grew apart.

“He wanted the family to watch DVDs and TV and also wanted them to eat treats every now and then," the insider continued.

Their workloads have also been blamed for what they have called an "conscious uncoupling" in the official statement announcing the breakup.

Apparently Chris, 37, was struggling to live up to Gwyneth's "perfect" standards, while she is thought to have felt he wasn't paying her enough attention.

In 2013 the family moved to Los Angeles, which is thought to have been an attempt to give their union another go.
However, the singer was reportedly happy with their new home.

“He preferred living in London, mainly because of the schools for their kids and he felt settled. They also lived near Coldplay’s recording studio - The Bakery," the source explained.

“In LA they lived completely separate lives and disagreed about the set-up of their house. Gwyneth wanted her Goop business to really boom and so got an office set up at her home. That meant Chris didn’t have room to build a full-scale studio and so he travelled away to record.

“Chris was really struggling with Gwyneth. Their relationship was under huge strain and he was doing everything he could to patch things up. But he felt he had no choice but to move out. Guy offered him a place to stay where he could hide out and deal with it all.”

The Sun also reports that Gwyneth was advised on the split by her holistic medical guru Dr. Habib Sadeghi.
It's thought he became her "closest confidant" and taught her about the act of "conscious uncoupling".