Paloma Faith thinks David Bowie is the last great pop star and wishes fans didn't know as much as they do about her.

Paloma Faith thinks David Bowie is the last great pop star.

The 'Can't Rely On You' singer reckons pop is dead because of social media and fans know too much about their idols.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "There's no mystery or excitement about being a pop star any more.

"People know everything now, there's no stone unturned with social media."

The 32-year-old star, who has about 460,000 followers on Twitter, praised Bowie for winning the BRIT Award for Best British Male at the ceremony last month.

She said: "It was brilliant that David Bowie won a BRIT Award and totally deserved, he's an incredible artist and the last of a generation."

The singer wishes her fans didn't know as much as they do about her personal life but realises she needs to be active on social media websites to help sell her music.

Paloma continued: "Originally when I got in the music business I wanted to be mysterious but I realised I wouldn't get anywhere so became really open. It's the only way to sell records now."

The star has just released her new album 'A Perfect Contradiction' and revealed the track 'Mouth To Mouth' was inspired by 'Purple Rain' hitmaker Prince.

She said: "I recorded that with Raphael Saadiq after we met at a Prince concert.

"So we honoured that situation by paying Prince his dues in the studio. I was inspired by early Prince and Chaka Khan records, cool late 70s and early 80s soul ... I think we could all do with a bit of dance now."

Paloma will head out on tour in May but is keeping tight-lipped about her upcoming shows.

She added: "I've already started looking into some ideas for the tour, but I don't want to ruin the surprise."