Jennifer Lopez has been in the studio for the past year recording her 10th studio album and didn't want to rush the new songs.

Jennifer Lopez didn't want to rush her new album.

The 44-year-old singer is preparing for the release of her 10th record and has been in the studio for the past year making sure the songs are perfect.

During an interview on Los Angeles' Power 106 radio station, the 'American Idol' judge and singer said: "I toured for the first time right after my last season of Idol, I went on a world tour for about a year and it was amazing, I loved it.

"When I got back I got right back into the studio and this whole past year, I've been making music.

"There was no need to rush it. Now we're ready to start dropping little things and I started a few months ago."

The 'On The Floor' singer recently went back to the Bronx with her friends, family and boyfriend Casper Smart to film her 'Same Girl' music video.

Jennifer said: "We're in the Bronx on the subway, I called a couple of my girlfriends.

"It was so great, it was just me, it wasn't like a crew to shoot a video, we went to capture the moment.

"I knew people would see a camera and be like, 'Who's that?' I knew they would come out but I didn't expect that. I was like, 'You wanna sing with us', it was a lot of love, it felt very good.

"I've been in the game a long time, but when I go back there it feels very natural to me, when I walk down the street it's like I was there yesterday."

The star, who has also had success in acting, likes to keep busy and insists she continues to work because she loves being creative and it's not about the money for her.

She continued: "I don't know what enough is to everybody, I know everybody thinks financially, but for me I don't really think that way, I just love creating.

"I love being successful and continuing to be able to be successful. Admittedly, sometimes I take on too much, it's a balance, I'm learning as I go."