Debbie Harry only allows people to have a certain amount of her.

The legendary singer has been in the limelight since her band Blondie hit the music scene in the '70s, but never allows the public to see too much of her.

The band are set to release their tenth studio album, titled Ghosts of Download, later this month but Debbie won't be over exposing herself with promotional interviews.

"I'm really only concerned with letting people have a certain amount of me - not all of me, I've always fought very hard for a certain amount of anonymity and privacy. I don't participate as much as Chris [Stein, guitarist] does - I'm very selective and it's very minimal for me," Debbie confessed to NME magazine.

"People are looking for public notice without actually being in showbiz. Everyone thinks they're in showbiz online! If I choose to send something out, or write something to a friend, that's one thing, but I'm not looking for that kind of attention. I have another kind."

Blondie are gearing up for a mammoth year, which includes them playing the legendary Glastonbury Festival in the UK this summer.

They have also just been presented with NME's Godlike Genius award, at the music magazine's annual prize giving ceremony.

"It's great you know. It's out of proportion, but it's nice to be recognised. It's outstanding, really. I concentrate on doing good work and good shows and being satisfied with that," Debbie smiled.

"I think each one of us is dedicated to being a musician. Obviously if Clem [Burke, drummer] wasn't in Blondie, he'd be playing music elsewhere - that's it. There's no doubt in my mind that Chris would be playing with someone else. For some reason, fortunately, we've come together with the same life force and desire to keep doing it. It never feels forced in any way for us."