Debbie Harry believes artists sometimes have to take a stand.

The legendry Blondie singer, who will be appearing with the rest of the band at the Glastonbury festival in the UK this summer, thinks that working as a recording artist can be a struggle.

Blondie won NME's Godlike Genius award at last week's rock and roll ceremony, but have battled with what's expected of them in the past.

"You have to take a stand. It's a toss-up between being in a business and being an artist. Sometimes you have to hold your ground and refuse to do what's expected of you, even if it could make you money," Debbie explained to NME magazine.

"I don't know how many times we were told, 'Do another song like Heart of Glass.' It's impossible to really do that. I've seen artists come out with a second song after they've had a big hit, and then they try to replicate it with a follow up song, and it usually just falls flat."

Far from dropping off the scene, Blondie have been making new music since their debut album in 1976.

Although Debbie concedes that at times it would have been easier to rely on their older sound, she's a big advocate of making new music.

"I think it's more of a challenge to be creative and do something that you like instead of taking the easy way out and doing another Heart of Glass.

"I'm always inspired by new technology. I think it's really exciting and wonderful," Debbie enthused.

The now 68-year-old singer continues to pioneer new sounds, as well as keeping up her trademark bold fashion statements.

Despite over 40 years in the industry, Debbie confesses that notoriety was never something she set her sights on.
"My idea of fame was to be a beatnik - not mega stardom," she smiled.