Daniel Johns of Silverchair will make his long overdue return to music with rapper 360.

Johns has recorded the track ‘Impossible’ with Matt Colwell aka 360. Daniel was last released musical piece was the instrumental ‘Atlas’, used as a soundtrack to a Qantas commercial in 2012. He is also working on a solo record for release sometime this year.

“This began as a songwriting experiment for Matt’s record”, explains Daniel Johns. “Neither of us ever expected I’d end up singing on the song too but we both really liked the demo so eventually we thought – ‘why not’? Hip hop is obviously more Matt’s world than mine but we had a lot more in common than one would expect so it was a really interesting collaboration.”

Johns will appear in the video for ‘Impossible’. “Daniel hasn’t done a video since 2007,” Sixty says. “He doesn’t really like doing videos but he loved doing this one. Mind you we got to hoon around in a muscle car and throw molotov cocktails.”

The video was directed by Patrick Fileti, produced by Collider and filmed in Sydney. ”The concept of the video is there’s a good and a bad version of me and Daniel,” Sixty says. “There’s us dressed as hoodlums leaving a path of destruction, then there’s the good versions of us in suits all clean cut and nice. The bad versions of us are destroying everything they come across, the good versions are trying to find them. When they find them they kidnap the bad versions, put them in a car and set it on fire. It’s sort of a metaphor for setting fire to your demons.”

‘Impossible’ will be the first taste of the third 360 album ‘Utopia’. Johns will also feature on another song on the album, as will Chris Cheney of The Living End. The single ‘Impossible’ will be released on January 17.

Watch the trailer for Impossible:

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