Eminem is being tapped to play the starring role of a comic book anti-hero in the upcoming movie debut of 'Wanted.'

Comic book writer Mark Millar is bringing his super villain comic book series "Wanted" to the silver screen and he's looking at rap's own Marshall Mathers for the starring role. According to The Times Online the creator is in final negotiations with Universal Pictures the film deal and Eminem is already in talks to play the pathetic lead character turned super-hero, Wesley Gibson.

"I'm really excited about the possibility of Marshall playing the lead role," Millar said, "and Universal have already been in talks with his people, and also lined up one of the top five producers in Hollywood."

The Wesley character, who already resembles the blond-haired Eminem in the comic, leads a dull life with a dead-end job and a girlfriend who he knows is cheating on him but is to wimpy to do anything about it. Wesley's life changes overnight when he wakes up one day and his world is out of sync. He later discovers he has extraordinary powers that come with an extraordinary price.

I had three years of writing about superheroes, so last year I wanted to do something that was really bad. Films about the bad guys are always far more interesting and this is the most violent and evil thing that I have ever written," says Millar.

Millar will also reportedly be executive producer of the film. He is interested in getting Tommy Lee Jones and Beyonce Knowles for other villainous roles.