Michael Jackson’s ex-wife blames everyone close to the star for his death.

The pop legend passed away in 2009 after he was administered a lethal dose of the anaesthetic propofol, which he used as a sleep aid.

Michael’s drug abuse was a hot topic during his mother’s subsequent wrongful death trial against concert promoting giant AEG Live.

Debbie, who was married to Michael between 1996 and 1999, and shared two children with him, says many people in his life simply refused to intervene after they split.

"There were more people involved, every dancer, every musician, every camera man, every sound man that was on that stage that saw him falling apart,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

The 54-year-old firmly believes Michael should have been confronted about his addiction. She says it wouldn’t have been out of bounds for anyone who had seen his health deteriorating to go to the press.

“God forbid one of them take out a camera and give it to someone like Entertainment Tonight and stop it,” she said.

Instead, Debbie said greed and ego triumphed. She believes those who knew Michael was making dangerous decisions simply turned a blind eye.

“They wanted to work with Michael Jackson. They wanted to go on tour with Michael Jackson,” she said. “All the people that claim to be so close to him who've always been there for him, who've always done everything for him, not one person tried to stop it… [It] is more important to people to say they worked on something. A man died. A father died. A son died."

Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, lost her suit against AEG last month. The firm, whose executives were promoting the star’s ill-fated comeback concert series, was cleared of wrongdoing.

Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted for administering the fatal dose, was released from Los Angeles County men’s jail last week after serving two of a four-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

Michael left behind his children with Debbie, 16-year-old Prince and 15-year-old Paris Jackson, as well as 11-year-old son Blanket. He was 50.