Beyoncé Knowles “enjoys” changing diapers.

The American singer has 21-month-old daughter Blue Ivy with her rapper husband Jay Z.

Even when she is touring the world with her music, Beyoncé makes time for her adorable tot and is keen to expand her family in the future.

“I perform on stage for a few hours of my day, but the rest of the time I'm changing diapers. I enjoy it,” she told British magazine Very. “I'd definitely like to have more children and I look forward to that. I'm trying to make sure that I don't work so hard that I don't enjoy the blessings that are around me every day.”

Since becoming a parent, the 32-year-old star has changed her priorities. She puts Blue Ivy before everything else and will do anything to look after her little girl.

“Motherhood has changed everything for me. I'm a lot braver and I'm more secure. I have more purpose,” she insisted. “I feel like you see things a bit differently after you give birth and my biggest job is to protect her.”

Until she is grown up, Beyoncé tries to be a good example to her daughter in everyday life. She already knows the first piece of guidance she will pass on to Blue Ivy when she is old enough to make her own decisions.

“The biggest advice I will give my daughter is to always value herself. Everything else falls into place after that,” she smiled.