Dreams of singing alongside a popstar at Wembley Arena will come true for more than 5000 children with the news that Matt Cardle has signed up to perform at the Voice in a Million concert on March 12th 2014.

Voice in a Million, which is now in its fifth year, aims to raise awareness of the millions of children throughout the world who do not have a family to take care of them. One of the schools already signed up to take part in the event is made up entirely of children ‘in care’.

Matt will be performing at the event with a choir from his old school, Stoke College, in Suffolk.

As a young boy: Teachers saw something special in Matt, even when he was just a lad. At school he was mentored by music teacher Adrian Marple.

‘There was one school concert where he performed Jailhouse Rock and it was one of those moments where you sit up and realise something special has happened,’ said Adrian.

‘He had a natural talent for performing, a real magnetism, and whenever he appeared on stage you could see everyone sitting up in their chairs.’

In addition to performing at the event with the school choir, Matt will also be performing a song from his new album ‘Porcelain’, which is due to be released in the UK on 28th October 2013.

Voice in a Million offers children an amazing opportunity to sing to 10,000 people in an packed Arena with the spectacular sound and lighting usually associated with major music tours.

There are still some places left for schools to take part in the concert. For more information go to: www.voiceinamillion.com/wordpress. Tickets to the Voice in a Million concert are available online at http://events.voiceinamillion.com/?page_id-230 or by calling 01784 240859.