Sir Paul McCartney reportedly banned Facebook, drugs and meat from the set of his new music video.

The Beatles legend is filming a promotional clip for his new single Queenie Eye and according to UK newspaper The Sun he has strict guidelines for members of the cast and crew.

The outlet reports the vegetarian crooner laughingly prohibited meat eaters from getting their fix while working on the project, banned non-prescription medication and all social media use for those hired on the job.

Producers apparently took the directive with the utmost seriousness.

"It was meant as a joke but, still, you would be out on your ear if you ignored the memo," a source said. "Anyone found on Twitter, Facebook or nibbling a ham sandwich would be rejected immediately. Drug consumption might be harder to prove, but still... " the insider added.

According to the report, the video clip is being filmed at north London's infamous Abbey Road Studios.

Several stars are expected to make cameos, including Johnny Depp and Sean Penn. Brad Pitt was also attached the project at one point but the actor is believed to have dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

Sir Paul's forthcoming album, New, is scheduled for release October 14.

The music legend is scheduled to speak to fans about the project during his first-ever live Twitter Q&A at 2.40pm UK time Wednesday using #askMacca.