Beyonce Knowles "struggles" with balancing motherhood and her career.

The superstar has daughter Blue Ivy, who turns two in January, with her husband Jay Z.

She's currently busy with The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour and has taken her little one along for the ride.

"It’s really interesting because I’m touring with my daughter for the first time and my dream has always been to be able to balance my life and my career," she admitted in a press conference during the Brazilian leg of the tour.

"I think it’s the one thing that women struggle with because it’s so difficult.

"But when I’m able to travel it makes me so proud that she’s able to experience all these different cultures and meet all of these interesting people at such a young age.

"It makes me proud of my job. It makes me proud that music can impact so many people and bring us together."

Her Brazil shows kicked off on Sunday and will finish in Brasília on September 17.

Beyoncé is such a fan of the country, touring there doesn't even feel like work.

"It’s one of my favourite places in the world," she gushed.

"I’ve never met so many people with so much passion and I am so excited to be here. It doesn’t feel like I’m working, it feels like a vacation."

The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour kicked off in April and will continue until the end of the year.

Beyoncé, 32, is proud of her elaborate performances, which include glitzy outfits and special effects.

"This is the biggest show I’ve ever been a part of. I feel like it’s important to grow and invest in my career and every time I have an opportunity to travel with my show," she smiled.

"I use a lot of technology and lights; in fact I think this show features more strobe lights than any other. But I feel like at the end of the day a show should be just as powerful if you only have a mic and a light because it’s all about the music, the relationship between the artist and the crowd."