Muse is in talks to run their local council for a day.

Matt Bellamy and fellow members of his band were raised in Teignbridge, Devon.

The group reportedly wants power over the area for 24 hours in order to help get youngsters to care about politics in the region.

“We’re still in talks to get things sorted,” council leader Jeremy Christophers told British newspaper The Sun. “It’s vital for the council to engage with the younger generation.”

The men directly tackle issues of the planet in their music.

Their latest LP attempts to get fans in the mood for positive change concerning the future of Earth.

“Muse have been busy on tour promoting their album The 2nd Law,” he continued. “The album has songs about global warming and sustainable living, which are important issues.”

Frontman Matt is engaged to actress Kate Hudson and they have two-year-old son Bingham together.

The duo also takes care of her nine-year-old boy Ryder from her marriage to The Black Crowe musician Chris Robinson.

Kate lives in the British capital city London and described the birth of Prince George as “insane”.

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William welcomed their first baby into the world last month. People all over the world eagerly awaited his arrival, but Kate insists things were particularly intense in England.

"It was insane, actually," she told talk show host Jay Leno. "You can't help but follow it since it's on every news channel like that's all you saw... that was the longest labour on news. It literally was full coverage."

Kate also spoke about a link she has to the British royals. When they were growing up William and his brother Prince Harry stayed in a home owned by Kate's mother Goldie Hawn and her partner Kurt Russell.