Anyone who knows Queen is aware that their reputation has grown over time into one of the most acclaimed and loved artists of the last fifty years.

A recent poll by Rakuten/ (owners of the old here in the states) shows that their popularity may be going to a new level.

21,000 people responded to the sites poll asking who was the greatest musical act and Queen came out on top; however, it was the margin that was the surprise. Queen received almost double the number of votes of the artist in second, The Beatles.

Third in the poll were the Foo Fighters followed by Adele and Muse.

Keep in mind that this poll was of the general public so current tastes and perceptions are in play.

The top ten and the positions of all other veteran artists:

•01. Queen
•02. Beatles
•03. Foo Fighters
•04. Adele
•05. Muse
•06. Bon Jovi
•07. Iron Maiden
•08. David Bowie
•09. Michael Jackson
•10. Led Zeppelin
•11. Metallica
•13. AC/DC
•15. Pink Floyd
•16. Guns N' Roses
•19. ABBA
•21. Bob Marley
•22. Rolling Stones
•23. Elvis Presley
•25. Black Sabbath
•26. Nirvanna
•36. U2
•38. Johnny Cash
•40. Meat Loaf
•41. Bruce Springsteen
•42. Aerosmith
•43. Madness
•47. Eurythmics
•51. Red Hot Chili Peppers
•53. Doors
•54. Fleetwood Mac
•57. Electric Light Orchestra
•60. Jimi Hendrix
•65. Alice Cooper
•69. Creedence Clearwater Revival
•71. Madonna
•72. Prince
•75. Kate Bush
•76. Blondie
•77. Smiths
•78. Who
•80. Beastie Boys
•81. Depeche Mode
•82. Bob Dylan
•84. Rush
•86. Bob Marley and the Wailers
•90. Kylie Minogue
•93. Duran Duran
•96. Stone Roses
•98. KISS
•100. Peter Gabriel

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